The characters I play live in my voice. When I sing, they live:

I’m a tenor.

Turiddu, Pagliaccio, Calaf, Manrico and all the others live in the wonderful world of Opera: a kind of island populated by Oriental cities, medieval town, sun drenched Mediterranean piazzas, circuses, shimmering parlours and fortified towers.

Thanks to music I go from theatre to theatre. Lyric opera is an itinerant art: from stage to stage, audience to audience. There are many singers like me wandering throughout Italy and the world. At home I prepare my singing parts. I practice. I study new  roles. Day after day they grow, they become adults: they find the right space to thrive in within my body. As the next recital draws near I’m the one they wait for. Though even with this small gang of characters hiding behind me, when it comes to the stage we share the limelight.  I steal their words, their facial expressions, their stories. They take my voice. But I’m a tenor: mine is a generous profession.